Hi everyone, my name is Xuanxuan, and welcome you to my website. I am 11 years old and enjoy playing the piano very much, i started at the age of 3.
I was born in Shenzhen China, and lived most of my life in Xi’an China.  My mom is Chinese and my dad is Dutch.   I live in Maastricht The Netherlands since February 2014 and have my own music room so I can practice my piano.
Before I was 6 i started volunteer work on weekly bases at elderly care centers in Maastricht, soon after for many goodwill organizations.

Still today i continue to play the piano at many elderly care centers in Maastricht, its a joy to bring happy faces with music and it feels like having hundreds of Grandma’s and Grandpa’s.

I am Honored being able to play for many goodwill organizations, my list is growing, but it started with KIKA, i have played 5 times voor the Child Cancer organization, also i played for Dierenlot, Linda de Mol foundation,
Limburg Cancer foundation,AZM hospital, Soon i hope to play  for WWF and Make a wish foundation.

All my KIKA concerts are made possible by shopping center The Brusselse Poort in Maastricht, and i play there on occasion during the holiday season.

While playing piano at many locations i get to meet many nice people,so at V&D in Maastricht i met Mirusia the star singer of Andre Rieu, and at many NS central station’s so many nice people with all the good compliments.

You can find me on Dailymotion,Youtube,Bing, Google, ext just enter  Xuanxuan Maastricht, also on Instagram and Facebook just follow the links.

I have piano and singing lessons at Kumulus in Maastricht and have the best teacher in the world, Odette.

I hope everyone will enjoy my music and i hope to bring many happy faces in the future.

Feel free to browse around my website and see about my volunteer piano work.

Its a joy to bring a smile and happiness to our elderly, disabled and everyone who is in need.

Very Truly Yours,



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